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Core Concepts: Periodic Table

Database Grades 6–12


  • Extensive footage, images, and diagrams– including prize-winning student-created videos
  • An interactive homepage that brings the periodic table to life
  • Content-creation activities to jumpstart projects and presentations
  • Interactive Element Builder activity to explore atomic theory and master the science behind the periodic table


  • Correlations to Next Gen Science and Common Core standards, as well as national, state, and provincial standards
  • Lesson plans and instructional materials that provide easy classroom integration
  • Instant translation, text-to-speech, and text highlighting, to support challenged readers and ELLs

An ideal database for young researchers...the amount of text beyond the property stats and the clean, uncluttered ease of access are the elements that place Core Concepts: Periodic Table at the head of the pack.
—E-Content Quarterly